Under the direction of Bill Crenshaw, a sustainable, public access radiology department was built in Port au Prince, Haiti at Hospital Bernard Mevs (HBM). Since 2010, this has included acquiring and securing the donations of C-arm fluoroscopy, two digital x-ray units, four ultrasound machines, 16-slice CT as well as PACS and on-site digital workstations. The department is not only sustainable but also profitable despite the treatment of all emergent patients without regard for ability to pay.


We will continue to provide administrative and operational expertise at HBM in Haiti. In 2015, we plan to open a Women's Wellness Center in Port au Prince. This will be the first site in the country dedicated solely to women's preventative health. Services will include breast cancer screening with ultrasound, pre-natal pregnancy evaluation, cervical cancer screening and gynecologic ultrasound for symptomatic women. 

We welcome requests from facilities worldwide seeking aid in building their radiologic capabilities.



We are available to provide pro bono teleradiology imaging interpretations and consultations to hospitals and clinics in underserved areas.  Our interpretative services are performed in concert with our radiologist education efforts. The mission of our organization is not to serve as a replacement or as a substitute for local radiologists. We will accept projects only where there is a temporary need for clinical expertise due to a shortage of local radiologists. We prefer partner relationships in which we function as colleagues with the local radiologists and provide second opinions and consultations on request. 

All of our reports are issued the same day that the study is performed by US board-certified radiologists. We work 365 days/year and are often able to accomodate stat requests. Currently, we exclusively provide remote CT interpretations to Hospital Bernard Mevs (HBM) - the only trauma and critical care hospital in Port au Prince. HBM also serves as the referral center for CT's needed by other large hospitals in Port au Prince lacking a scanner such as L'Hôpital de l'Université d'État, Medecins Sans Frontieres, L'Hôpital de Canapé Vert and Hopital Universitaire de la Paix.  We treat approximately 4000 patients a year and provide the same level of care to patients that they would expect in the USA. The use of a CT in diagnosis is absolutely essential to the practice of modern medicine.


The residents in the recently restarted radiology residency program at the University Hospital of Haiti receive their CT education solely by rotating through our department at Hospital Bernard Mevs.





Radiologic Technologists

In 2012, with support from the Clinton Bush Haiti Fund, we launched the first formal training program in Haiti. In partnership with Linn Benton College in Oregon, and their award winning curriculum, we awarded Haitian Ministry of Health approved Radiology Technologist Certificates to graduates. As of 2014, the course is in its' third year and is directed by a trainee from the first graduating class, Colbert Leon. 28 Haitians and counting have found employment as technologists upon graduation.

Radiology Residents

In February 2014, we reached an exclusive contract to provide education in advanced imaging modalities to the radiology residents at Hôpital de l’Université d’Etat d’Haiti. Working together, we have developed a didactic CT curriculum making use of powerpoint lectures and on-line materials. The residents rotate through the CT department at Hospital Bernard Mevs and we utilize teleradiology to review cases together. This is supplemented by frequent on-site visits and person to person instruction.

Future Educational Projects

1. We are pursuing a collaboration with our PACS vendor, MedWeb, to bring cutting edge instructional technology to the residents in Haiti with the potential to expand globally.

2. We are discussing educational initiatives with a hospital in Cambodia to provide education to further develop their CT services.

3. Please contact us if you would like to collaborate!