With advances in technology and robust internet access across the globe, humanitarian teleradiology offers exciting hope, a hope being explored by many including Imaging4Change.  Over the past few years, the founders have worked tirelessly to directly assist radiological care in Haiti with most recent efforts centered at Hospital Bernard Mevs in Port-au-Prince, Haiti.  US based volunteers run the daily clinical CT service while also providing the only source of CT education to the radiology residents training at the University Hospital of Haiti (Hôpital de l’Universitéd’Etatd’Haiti), as this is their first exposure to CT.  

Ankur Parikh and Stephen Zivin have been working closely with the residents to create a more structured and methodological way to learn CT, similar to the way radiology residents in the United States are trained.   Up until now, residents have been provided with donated educational material, sample CT report templates and weekly reading assignments to learn radiology and keep up with the overwhelming amount of information.   The residents seem very eager and excited to learn and have a clear passion for radiology, albeit, there remains much room for improvement.  Utilizing advancing technology, we hope to create a robust and sustainable curriculum in which to train competent and passionate radiologists.  The hope of is to have a cohort of radiologists who can self sustain the program to the same level, referring only to us on a limited consultation bases.

Co-founders Steve Zivin, MD and Ankur Parikh, MD relaxing with the radiology residents after a long days work!

Residents listening eagerly during a small bowel obstruction lecture

Residents taking cases in Neuro Conference