Under the direction of Bill Crenshaw, a sustainable, public access radiology department was built in Port au Prince, Haiti at Hospital Bernard Mevs (HBM). Since 2010, this has included acquiring and securing the donations of C-arm fluoroscopy, two digital x-ray units, four ultrasound machines, 16-slice CT as well as PACS and on-site digital workstations. The department is not only sustainable but also profitable despite the treatment of all emergent patients without regard for ability to pay.


We will continue to provide administrative and operational expertise at HBM in Haiti. In 2015, we plan to open a Women's Wellness Center in Port au Prince. This will be the first site in the country dedicated solely to women's preventative health. Services will include breast cancer screening with ultrasound, pre-natal pregnancy evaluation, cervical cancer screening and gynecologic ultrasound for symptomatic women. 

We welcome requests from facilities worldwide seeking aid in building their radiologic capabilities.