Katiana, a 5 year old girl, was born healthy but soon failed to make her developmental milestones. We performed a CT scan and diagnosed her with hydrocephalus, a diagnosis which would be very responsive to surgical treatment with placement of a shunt. Money was raised for her via crowdsourcing by Watsi.org and she was successfully treated by a local surgeon.





Claude is a Haitian who earns a living by doing sewing jobs. He is 62, has one child and lives in rural Haiti.

Recently, Claude began experiencing such severe abdominal pain that he went to the hospital. We diagnosed him with a treatable stage of colon carcinoma via a CT scan. Claude subsequently received the surgical treatment that he needed.



Ansley is  a 14 year old boy in Haiti. His mother is a primary school teacher and his father is a small farmer.

After losing the function of his right hand and leg, his mother took him to the doctors who referred him to us for a CT scan. We diagnosed Ansley with a brain tumor. With the help of Watsi.org, Ansley travelled to the Dominican Republic to receive radiation treatment.